7 Must Have Shoe Accessories ...

Did you notice that we often mention different kinds of accessories and still, none of them has anything to do with shoes? Does that mean there are no shoe accessories? Well, it all depends on your idea of what a shoe accessory is or could be. I’d say there are some and they are total must have in both terms of style and comfort. These 7, for example, are definitely worth checking out:

1. Gel Spots

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Price: $8.00 at us.topshop.com
You don’t need a gold sixpence in your shoe to look and feel like million dollars. At Topshop, 8 bucks will buy you a pack of six adhesive gel spots to tape on those critical zones and make your perfect pair of shoes even better. These little spots are perfect for shoes, sandals, boots, flats or any other type of footwear that is hurting your dear legs.

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