7 Pretty Espadrilles ...


Ah, espadrilles, the coy, flirty cousin to the wedge. Theyโ€™re fun to wear, comfortable all day, and uniquely chic. Now that spring has most decidedly spring, even here in Michigan, itโ€™s time to investigate a few new pairs. Here are 7 pretty espadrilles, ideal for adding to your spring-time wardrobe.

1. Shoelace Espadrilles

Shoelace Espadrilles

Price: $178.00 at anthropologie.com

Who knew espadrilles could be so colorful, so whimsical? These are, though, and they owe much of their whimsy and charm to a criss-cross of laces across their canvas uppers, all in brown and yellow. At the ankle, thereโ€™s an adjustable buckle to ensure a perfect fit, so these espadrilles are sensible and pretty!

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