8 Charmingly Stylish Rain Boots to Love This Fall ...

Rain Boots are not just comfy, practical footwear whose main purpose is to keep the feet dry in case the sky decides to open! Oh no! Rain boots are waaaay more than that these days! They are more colorful than ever, warmer than ever, more stylish than ever and an absolute must-have, of course! So, in case you’ve looking for a fab pair of rain boots to wear this fall, take a look at these 8 stylish alternatives:

1. Calvin Klein Ivy

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Price: $119.00 at zappos.com
Available in midnight blue, gray and black, these fab rubber and nylon boots will make sure your feet are dry and β€œdressed to impress”. My sister has a very similar pair in brown and, since I’m borrowing them occasionally, I can guarantee this – if you’re a busy bee but like to look good while getting things done an everyday, modern style like this one is a must have!

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