How to Master ✌🏼️ the Art of Wearing Heels πŸ‘  for Girls Who Can't Get the Hang of It πŸ˜– ...


Even if you have an ongoing struggle with heels, it's important to keep practising as this is a sure way for it to become easier! Experimenting with things like heel height and different styles is a great way to get yourself familiar with how it all works πŸ˜‰ 😊 here are 7 helpful tips on how you can get started πŸ˜„ ✌️ πŸ‘ 

1. Walk with Small Steps

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One of the most important tips of pulling off heels is to take small steps! Even though I wear heels quite a lot these days, I still take small steps when it's a pair that is particularly high or hard to walk in - it really helps, trust me! Small steps is key to looking more natural as you walk and it will also feel more comfortable than taking big, giant strides!

Walk in a Straight Line
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