How to Survive πŸ™πŸΌ when Your Heel πŸ‘‘ Breaks πŸ›  for Girls Who've Been There πŸ˜’ before ...


I think that it’s every woman’s biggest fear every time she puts on a pair of heels that they’re going to break. We all have that moment of panic that flashes through our minds when we’re in a pair of heels that don’t necessarily feel sturdy. If you constantly find yourself afraid of this, or it’s happened to you before and you didn’t know how to handle it, never fear! I have got you covered with tips and tricks to make your life so much easier the next time this happens!

1. Take the Weight off of Your Heel

If your heel feels like it’s about to break, make sure to take the weight off of your heel to try to make it last as long as possible. Try to sit if you can, and if you need to walk, make sure that you walk on the ball of your feet rather than keeping all of your weight on the heel of your shoe.

Reach for Something Sturdy
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