Shoe 👟 Safety Tips 🚨 to Prevent 🤚 Injury 😵 ...


Every girl needs some shoe safety tips. Have you ever put off getting your heels or boots repaired or checked to see if they need repair? Now is the time to examine your footwear, get them fixed, or throw them out!

After serious injuries from a pair of thin-soled shoes that caused me to slip on a sidewalk and a worn boot heal that caused a bad fall with injury to my back, I now make it a practice to check the quality of shoes and boots before I make a purchase and regularly check the condition of my footwear for damage.

The following four shoe safety tips may save you from serious bodily harm.

1. Look at the Heels and Soles of Your Boots and Shoes

Are they worn in any way? If they had treads when you bought them and they are partially gone, get them immediately replaced. Worn shoes can cause serious falls requiring weeks of recuperation and physical therapy. That's one of the top shoe safety tips to keep in mind.

Do Not Buy Shoes Simply for the Style or Color
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