7 Tips to save πŸ™πŸΌ Your Feet πŸ‘  when Recovering πŸ€• from a Heel Hangover πŸ˜– ...


If you’ve spent much time wearing high heels then chances are you’ve suffered from a high heel hangover.

You know the achiness and pain that follows a few hours or a day of wearing heels?

That’s a high heel hangover.

These’re some ways to treat high heel hangover and some tips on preventing it in the first place.

1. Rotate Your Heels

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Wearing the same pair of heels day after day can set you up for misery.

Rotating your heels with other shoes such as flats, sandals or even boots can make things easier on your feet.

It’s important to mention that all heels aren’t created equal.

If you have to wear heels frequently then look for ones designed with comfort in mind.

There’re actually heels that have memory foam or other features to make it easier on your feet.2

Carry Band-aids in Case of Emergencies
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