7 Ways to Wear over-the-Knee Boots ...


Unleash your edgy side by learning how to wear over-the-knee boots.

From Tom Ford to Jimmy Choo, big name designers are putting their marks on one of the seasonโ€™s hottest shoe trends.

And whatโ€™s really fabulous about this style is that nearly any gal can pull โ€˜em off.

With these 7 quick tips, youโ€™ll soon be showing your besties how to wear over-the-knee boots.

1. Keep It Tame


Figuring out how to wear over-the-knee boots doesnโ€™t have to include costly trials and errors.

If you stick to a pattern or hue that matches at least several items you already own, youโ€™ll get the most life out of your boots.2

Though your options are endless (Iโ€™ve spotted everything from snakeskin to neon brights on store shelves), limiting yourself is a good thing.2

My first pair of over-the-knee boots was black suede and had no heels.

And guess what?

I wore them for two winters straight and sure got my moneyโ€™s worth!

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