10 Shoes I Love but Probably Couldn't Wear ...

I adore shoes. The problem is that I'm rather hobbit-sized and extraordinarily clumsy, so there are tons of shoes that just aren't practical for me, no matter how much I love them. I mostly have this problem with heels, naturally, but that doesn't stop me from salivating and having shoe-envy over a lot of them – like these 10 shoes I absolutely love but honestly probably couldn't ever wear.

1. Alena 2 Sandals by GUESS

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Price: $109.95 at shop.nordstrom.com
There are a ton of aspects I love about this sandal. I think the color is gorgeous – bright red shoes can brighten up even the gloomiest, dreariest day. I love the design as well, the way the straps crisscross over each other. The satin has a really gorgeous sheen as well – but that 4 and Β½ inch heel is sure to be a killer!

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