7 Glitter-Finish Shoes ...

Take a cue from Dorothy’s adventures in Oz and invest in a pair of glitter-finish shoes this season. They are a great way to add an interesting twist to an outfit. The look can range from glitzy to demure. It’s all about choosing the right pair for you. Check out a few fabulous glitter-finish shoes below.

1. Marc Jacobs Glitter-Finish Leather Sandals

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Price: $575.00 at net-a-porter.com
The glitter detailing on these platform heels is a chic take on the trend. These sandals feature leather tube straps, square toes, and gold inner soles. The light brown tube straps also feature gold thread detailing. The overall look of these shoes is casually dressy. Worn with a shirt dress or t-shirt and trousers, these would be well suited for day wear.

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