7 Reasons to Love Platform Pumps ...


7 Reasons to Love Platform Pumps ...
7 Reasons to Love Platform Pumps ...

I’m going to start this post with a saying, “An idle mind is the devil’s playground.” Why? Because, in order to keep my mind and hands busy, I’m going to write down my list of reasons to love platform pumps. Some will agree, others will think they are silly but, it’s all good, as long as we all have fun. So, hope you like platform shoes too and you have some of your own pros, because these are mine:

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They Will Teach You How to Walk Properly

Walking “the walk” while wearing high heels is a trade that takes some time to master. Regular court shoes can tolerate a certain level of wrong posture and clumsy walk but, if you ever try to do that while wearing platform pumps, you’ll probably land flat on your behind. You’ll have to be careful, make normal, ladylike steps and maintain perfect balance and that’s not only a good heel-wearing tutorial but an exercise too.


They Are Comfortable

Wearing shoes with thin, leather outer soles are by far the worst experience I’ve ever had. It’s like being barefoot because you can literally feel every single lump, curve or stone on the road. Should I even mention the blisters and sore spots, or that kind of goes without saying? Platform pumps, in the other hand, have those miraculous 2-3 centimeters of pure, protective bliss which makes walking in them difficult but definitely more comfortable.


They Put Less Stress on Your Back

It’s simple math girls! A 12 cm heels is always 12 cm heel but if the shoe in question has a 3 cm platform too, the stress your legs and back are being exposed to won’t be as great as if would have been if there wasn’t any platform. Why? Simply because a platform reduces the angle your feet will be put under so, what looks like a breathtaking 12cm heel on the outside, feels like a comfy 9cm heel on the inside. I’d say that’s one clever optical illusion.


They Come in All Shapes and Forms

Crazy and unique or elegant and low in details, no matter what your style is, there is a right pair of shoes for you. Platform pumps have inspired many designers and helped them create pieces that are more than just footwear so, thanks to them, we now have a huge selection of all kinds of different styles to help us transform from crazy Lady Gaga to elegant Dita Von Teese. If heels are not your thing, you can always choose sky-high wedges or clogs. Simple!


They Flatter Any Leg Shape

They look great on Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Snooki, Mo’Nique, Dita, Katy Perry or any other celeb you could think of. Hell, I’d say they look great on some guys too. So, why would we be anyhow different? But, let me do what I do best and that’s speaking from my own experience. As I’ve mentioned, I have X shaped legs and I noticed that pointy shoes really enhance their odd shape while round-toe shoes kind of hide it. Platforms surprised me quite a bit because I’ve expected they will act the same as pointy shoes and they turned out to do completely opposite!


They Give You a Run for Your Money

Being stylish isn’t always easy and that is a good thing. Why? Because easy things make us lazy. I’ve read this somewhere and I must say I couldn’t agree more. I’m not saying you should be obsessed with perfection or torture your legs on daily basis but just think about it because there’s more to it that just shoes. Color coordinating your clothes in the morning isn’t easy either and neither is putting your makeup on, fixing your hair, making a home cooked meal, busting your behind at work etc. So, what’s going to happen if you start looking for instant solutions or easy ways out? What’s going to happen if we all start opting for things that are simply easy? Idle mind is…. Well you know.


They Make You Look and Feel Better

These shoes make your legs and ass looks just perfect! And being a Libra, I know how looks can affect mood. Looking great always gives me a massive amount of confidence! Plus, I’ve heard of an interesting research that was trying to prove that women feel sexier on high heels. Well, I wouldn’t say it works for everybody but it definitely does the trick for me.

So, tell me, do you agree with some of these pros? Come on, girls, I’d love to hear your suggestions too. If you like platforms, of course.

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