8 Cute, Sequined Ballet Flats ...

Ballet flats are the best spring/summer footwear and don’t think I’m just saying that to make you read my posts! I’ve actually went shopping and got two pairs these days which made the number of ballet flats currently in my collection skyrocket from one to THREE pairs, and that’s more than I’ve ever had. Fashion changes -style lasts forever, and I’ve finally figured I can look nice even without sky-high heels. Sequined ballet flats, for example, can be a perfectly stylish and perfectly comfortable choice so, if you share my opinion and have some shopping of your own to get done, take a look at these 8 cute, sequined ballet flats I’ve found in various online shops:

1. Dune Sparkle Fold up Flats

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Price: $35.86 at asos.com
Flexible and shiny, these glitzy ballet flats come tucked inside a sequined pouch, ready to become your faithful ally in the battle against pains and sores. They are a real eye-catcher and thanks to this neutral color, making them an S.O.S-item or a standard footwear choice will be a piece of cake. I totally love them and I especially love the fact that can be carried around and used “in case of emergency” so, if you don’t have enough items to fill up your stylish oversized clutch, fold these babies up, tuck them inside their glitzy pouch, slip them in your bag and…. Don’t bother with the Band-Aids or protective pads.

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