8 Gorgeous Shoes by Seychelles ...

There are so many shoe designers that have stolen my heart, sometimes it’s hard for me to even consider which is my true favorite. Certainly in my top three is Seychelles, with their attention to detail, style, and comfort. I’ve recently found a few new pairs I’d love to have… want to see? Here are 8 gorgeous shoes by Seychelles.

1. Cuckoo Bootie

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Price: $119.99 at modcloth.com
This darling Gibson Girl-inspired bootie is all lush post-Victorian details, with a modern twist, from its button-bedecked upper and its lacy insert, with a stacked heel, back zip, and pretty peep toe. Pair with an LBD (little blue dress) and patterned tights, or with high-waisted grey wool trousers and a cream-colored top.

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