7 Adorable Flats to Keep You Going All Summer Long ...

When the sun is shining down and you have to find the perfect shoes to take you from work to the beach to girls' night, the most adorable flats in your closet are perfect to help. They are comfortable yet stylish and work with so many different outfits. Here are some of my top picks for adorable flats to keep you going all summer long and have you looking fabulous while doing it.

1. Steve Madden P-Heaven

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These Steve Madden flats are the perfect adorable flats to keep you going all summer long. The light yellow color is great to match the sun shining down on you during the summer. And because they are Steve Madden flats, you know they are going to be super comfortable. You can pair them with a bright sundress for the daytime and slip into a darker dress for nighttime, and make a statement with your bright flats. Find them at Steve Madden for $39.95.

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