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8 Adorably Lovely Shoes to Wear with Skinny Jeans ...

By Jennifer

It’s always so tough for me to find shoes to wear with skinny jeans. I could follow the crowd and pair them with UGGS, which is fine, I suppose, but I’d so much rather wear something more stylish! So I’ve done some searching and found so many cute shoes to wear with skinny jeans, I just had to share them with you! Let’s get going!

Table of contents:

  1. Square to dance boot
  2. Royalty riding boot
  3. Dance instead of walking heel
  4. Squeak heel
  5. Betsey johnson bouquet of showers boot
  6. Mind the tapestry flat
  7. Rachel antonoff for bass i love the rainboots
  8. Kick start heel

1 Square to Dance Boot

Price: $47.99 at
I love these boots! They’re the perfect shoes for wearing with skinny jeans — imagine how great they’d look with light-wash or even destroyed skinnies, tucked into these tall brown boots. The low heel sets them apart from most boots this season with tall stacked heels… aren’t they marvelous?

2 Royalty Riding Boot

Price: $89.99 at
I adore riding boots, especially how they look when worn with skinny jeans tucked into them. These ones would look gorgeous with dark-wash skinnies, a white button down, and a vest, wouldn’t they?

3 Dance Instead of Walking Heel

Price: $37.99 at
I would much rather dance than walk, especially if I was wearing these pretty oxford-style heels with my skinny jeans! I’d add a sheer polka-dot blouse and skip or dance everywhere I went!

4 Squeak Heel

Price: $99.99 at
Tall, strappy sandals look so glam with skinny jeans, don’t you think? Especially these Boho-inspired ones by Seychelles… I adore the splash of yellow and the wood-look heel… what color skinnies would you wear these with?

5 Betsey Johnson Bouquet of Showers Boot

Price: $68.99 at
Here in Michigan, Fall means rain, which means rain puddles to either avoid (if you’re not wearing rain boots) or splash in (if you are). Can you picture a better pair of rain boots than these, extra tall, with a bright floral print by Betsey Johnson? They’d look great with your skinny jeans tucked into them, or rolled up at the cuff.

6 Mind the Tapestry Flat

Price: $27.99 at
I love the way Mary Janes look with skinny jeans, and these ones are extra-cute! The tapestry print looks smashing with dark or light wash skinnies, and the low heel makes them comfy enough to wear all day.

7 Rachel Antonoff for Bass I Love the Rainboots

Price: $128.99 at
I couldn’t resist adding another pair of rain boots to my list of shoes to wear with skinny jeans! Aren’t these cute? I love the color combination and the darling little heart… what a way to brighten a rainy, gloomy day!

8 Kick Start Heel

Price: $144.99 at
Let’s face it — skinnies with UGGS just looks sloppy… but swap the shoes and your skinny jeans can go from messy to magnificent! And these 40’s inspired shoes by Miss L Fire are just the shoes to wear with your skinny jeans… the faux croc, the lush velvet — you can’t go wrong!

See? Much more stylish than UGG boots, right? I especially love the purple and tan riding boots… so cute! Which of these shoes to wear with skinny jeans do you like best? Which do you think would look the cutest? Please let me know!

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