7. ‘Original Short’ Gloss Rain Boot by Hunter

‘Original Short’ Gloss Rain Boot by Hunter

These pull on gloss rain boots look terrific while keeping your feet dry. Reviewers recommend these boots for gals with bigger calves that have had trouble finding a comfortable fit. It’s possible you could fall in love with these and consider a move to Seattle so you could wear them more often.

I’ve always loved boots and now that I live in a desert climate, there are far fewer days when wearing boots would be appropriate or even comfortable.

Since winters here are similar to fall in other states, I can wear these boots throughout the winter and not worry about rain or snow, or the need for knee-high boots. I’d like to hear from other girls that live in warm climates. Have you totally given up on boots? What about boots that extend over the knee? Do you girls that live in colder climates forego fashion and focus on warmth when it comes to serious boots for bad weather? When I lived in New York, I wore sheepskin gloves, boots and coat. The coat was attractive, but the gloves and boots were solely for warmth, and to repel snow and rain.

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