7 Awesome Ways Shoes Can Change Your Life ...

Any shoe-a-holic knows that there are many awesome ways shoes can change your life. When you lay eyes on that perfect pair, it’s serious business. The skeptics can laugh all they want, but you know the truth – whether they’re red or purple, stiletto or kitten, leather or suede, we will wear them, and they will make us feel like a super-hero and a supermodel all rolled into one glorious, glamorous woman. I invite you to nod your head in feminine understanding as you read about these awesome ways shoes can change your life:


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We all know what it’s like. You are either in-between jobs or struggling to get hired, and you feel pretty crummy about the world in general. Why won’t people see how fantastic you are? You ponder this while walking through the mall, when suddenly a pair of red patent heels catch your eye. Their sparkling red leather and high heel seem to say, "You! Yes, you! You’re awesome! Now buy us and wear us to that interview and we’ll make sure they hire you on the spot!" It’s a strange phenomenon, but some shoes just have a certain effect on your confidence, especially when it comes to work – they make you feel strong, professional and in control of what is happening in your life – or at least to your feet. Yes, the career heel effect is just one of the ways shoes can change your life.

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