9 Best Fitness Shoes to Ask for This Christmas ...

For all of you athletes, gym rats, or active ladies in general, getting new fitness shoes is one of the best gifts to receive for Christmas. For starters, most fitness shoes wear out at least every 6-8 months, though I do try to make mine last all year, even with exercising daily. Working out in old shoes isnโ€™t only dangerous, but also uncomfortable. Over time, they lose the support built inside of them, and also can make you more prone to injury in the process. The bottoms wear down, the sides lose their stability, and some even get holes near the toe area of your shoe. If your shoes need a reboot, be sure to ask for some of the best fitness shoes. Iโ€™m a personal fan of several of them, and already having a hard time deciding which ones Iโ€™m going to ask for!

1. Saucony Kinvara 4

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Saucony brand makes several styles of new fitness shoes that get high marks for just about everything you could ask for in an athletic shoe. For starters, theyโ€™re long-lasting, lightweight, and not bulky or heavy which can weigh you down and get in your way. The Kinvara 4 style features a lightweight footing thatโ€™s best for midfoot strikers, occasional runners, and weightlifters. If youโ€™re a heavy runner, this might not be the shoe for you, but if youโ€™re a gym rat, theyโ€™ll be perfect! They also come in great colors too, so youโ€™ll feel fashionable and fit at the same time.

Cost: $100
Buy Here: saucony.com

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