9 Best Shoes for Your LBD ...

If you’re anything like me, you have a couple of LBDs in your closet you rely on to get you stylishly through an entire year’s worth of events, from your cousin’s wedding to work holiday parties, and everything in between… but do you have the best shoes for LBD worthy events? If not, I can help. Set aside those worn-out black pumps (2 inch heels are for grannies!) and let’s have a peek at a few pairs of the best shoes for LBD dresses. This will be fun!

1. Sky-high Heels

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For me, “sky high” is anything taller than four inches, so these classic Mary Jane-styled heels would be the best shoes for LBD (any LBD) that resides in my own closet. I’d wear these with a slim-silhouette LBD that hits just above the knee. Aside from this basic matte black, these shoes come in black with a deco-inspired floral print in white. Not a fan of Nine West? Michael Kors makes a nearly identical shoe in five hues, including basic black.

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