7 Brands of Knee High Boots I'm Gushing over This Fall ...

Boots are one of my must-have fashion pieces that every girl can utilize, and there are some brands of knee high boots that beat out all the others in my book. For me, a boot has to be stylish, have a great high heel, come to my knees or be above them, fit well, and look good with my favorite pair of jeans. Sure, I appreciate comfort, and I won’t buy a pair that leaves my feet sore. Yet, I’m also willing to sacrifice my flats for a day in the name of these brands of knee high boots. Check out my top choices, and if you have a favorite brand, share yours with me!

1. Steve Madden

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Steve Madden has always been one of my top choices for the best brands of knee high boots every single year. In fact, I can usually go into a store, pick out a pair of boots, and more than likely, it has Steve Madden printed on the box. I’m obsessed with this brand of shoes, and with good reason. Style, class and even comfort are what you’ll find in this brand. Plus, wouldn’t these look cute with a pair of jeans, dress, skirt, or whatever else you like? The price you’ll pay for Steve Madden boots is also worth it, since they last for years to come. You can find a pair like this on eBay or your favorite shoe stores.

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