7 British Shoe Designers That Are on Trend in 2014 ...

British shoe designers have really taken the fashion world by storm this year. With Stella McCartney to the left and Alexander McQueen to the right, it is no wonder stores worldwide are mimicking their pioneering designs. British shoe designers are sometimes ostentatious, but also highly wearable. Here are some of my favorites from 2014 so far.

1. Stella McCartney Removable-Cuff Flat Chain Sandal

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Once again, Stella McCartney has achieved perfection while using faux leather. The whole ankle cuff trend is huge this year, so be prepared to break out the fake tan after developing some funny lines wearing yours. I think these flats are stylish enough to jazz up a casual outfit for work. I’ve seen plenty of similar ones out there in high street stores, so get hunting! Stella McCartney is definitely one of my favorite British shoe designers.

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