7 Classy Heels for Girls Still in Middle and High School ...

For all the mothers with younger daughters who argue about wearing heels, you don’t have to argue anymore because I have compiled a list of classy heels for girls still in middle and high school that won’t make your daughter look older than she is. Getting dressed up as a pre-teen is never easy, your body is changing and you can never seem to settle on any outfit. Naturally there are plenty of dressy occasions whether they are school or family related, and you probably want to have the freedom to wear a pair of heels but your parents won’t let you. Passed age 13 it is completely legitimate to want to wear your own pair of low heels to a black tie affair, so consider showing your mom this awesome list of heels for girls that won’t give off the wrong impression.

1. Kitten Heel

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This term is pretty self-descriptive and very appropriate when it comes to heels for girls. Kitten heels can be found almost everywhere and every designer has at least one style each season. I like black kitten heels for girls because they are the classiest and they match with everything. Wearing bright colors on heels at a very young age isn’t always a modest way to dress, so when buying heels for girls always look for the simplest and most practical style and color.

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