7 Cool Cat Shoes ...

Cat shoes are one of the most purr-worthy trends of the season. So, if youโ€™re ready to make them meow in cool cat flats or Hello Kitty sneakers, Iโ€™ve found 7 fabulous feline footwear picks and cat flats for you. Whether you call the office your second home or enjoy regular lunch dates with the girls, thereโ€™s a pair of kitty shoes simply waiting to be worn! Just tell your gal pals to keep their paws off your trendy new feet treats!

1. Jon Josef G-Cat Loafer Black Velvet

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Sink your claws into these cozy velvet cat shoes. The loafer style makes them totally office-appropriate while the embroidered cat face adds a playful edge. Wear them with a put-together pencil skirt and fresh white button down for a look thatโ€™s sure to impress your boss. Find them now on Jildor Shoes for $140.

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