7 Most Creative High Heels That'll Make You Gasp ...

I love a great pair of creative high heels, don't you? Technically, high heels are shoes that raise a woman's heel significantly higher than the toes. However, I added some heels on this list that simply elevate a woman's height because they were too creative to overlook. Even if you prefer flat shoes to high heels, this list of 7 creative high heels are worth checking out for art's sake!

1. Origami Heels

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These colorful Origami heels are some of the early work of Le Creative Sweatshop. Le Creative Sweatshop is a creative studio based in Paris that connects fashion, design & contemporary art. These heels are magnificent and look like they belong on the feet of French pop star, Yelle. It's unfortunate that they aren't wearable because they would complete any '80s look.

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