7 Cute Slippers to Keep You Toasty on Chilly Mornings ...

If your feet get icy cold on chilly mornings, it is nice to have a pair of cute slippers to keep them warm. Ideally, the slippers would be warmed by a fire and brought to you before you get out of bed. Since that only happens in the movies, you can at least have a pair of cute slippers to slip into when you first get out of bed. The following slippers from Nordstroms are all cozy and they will all keep your feet nice and toasty.

1. The Jewel Slipper

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These Muk Luks Jewel slippers are such cute slippers. The pom pom ties are so much fun, and the furry cuff is both warm and decorative. Wearing these slippers on chilly mornings is sure to keep your feet toasty! They are practically like boots! In fact, they even have hard soles so, if you need to step outside, there is no need to worry about getting the bottoms wet.

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