8 Cutest Platform Pumps from JustFabulous ...

It’s about that time for summer to arrive, which also means it’s time to spruce up your closest with a few pairs of colorful and cute platform pumps! I love platform pumps! They’re easy to walk in, and comfortable enough to keep on the majority of the day! If you’re trying to rack up on shoes, it’s crazy expensive to got to major department stores, so why not try out the JustFabulous online shoe club! For only $39.95 per month with free shipping, you can have a couple of pairs before your summer fun even starts! Personally, I think JustFab.com has some of the cutest platform pumps out there! Don’t believe me? Continue reading and you’ll see for yourself!

1. Rosalind

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If you’re looking for classy yet versatile, Rosalind is definitely it! You could wear them with a bunch of different outfits, from a dressy skirt, to torn skinny jeans! These shoes are by far my favorite pair of platform pumps. They look plain, but you could do a bunch with them! It comes in a soft blush color or lavender with a 5.5’’ heel with a 1.5’’ platform. It’s pretty high, but who doesn’t like a high heel shoe that’s high?

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