7 Daring Shoe Designs ...

Shoe Designs can often double as works of art. While the shoe is in most cases an entirely functional garment, some designers have taken it upon themselves to re-imagine the shoe into a range of outrageous designs. Each new season runway sees with it new daring shoe designs, imagined up by truly creative and, some might argue, crazed minds. Be warned though, these particular shoe designs are best left to models, fashion editors, and brave celebrities (here’s looking at you Lady GaGa).

1. Alexander McQueen “Armadillo” Heels

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This is probably one of the most iconic shoe designs in recent times. When the shoes debuted as part of McQueen’s spring/summer 2010 collection, they shocked and awed. It truly was a ‘fashion moment’. The shape of the shoe seems somewhat unnatural, with heels that measure in at a staggering 12 inches. These shoes were also worn by Lady GaGa in her ‘Bad Romance’ music video.

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