9 Delightfully Gorgeous Multi-Colored Shoes to Brighten up Your Fall ...

Multi colored shoes are the hottest thing for the season, an eye-catcher, a perfect way to introduce some colors into the fall attire and, of course, a style that can be worn with everything and anything thus helping us spend less money. Not so bad for a shoe, right? I’ve seen some really great multi colored shoes here and that gave me an idea to try to find similar (or better) styles online, and show you what to look for in case you have some shoe shopping to do very soon. So, check out these fab multi colored shoes but be careful, because you might fall in love!

1. Steve Madden Tammyy

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Price: $99.95 at zappos.com
What a fabulous pair of wedges! Don’t you agree? I love the platform, I love the style, I love these colors and…oh… wouldn’t it be nice to have a shoe that matches 50% of your bags? In fact, when you have an awesome pair of multi colored shoes such as these, you can get your grandma to knit a fab, unusual bag as well! Can’t imagine these being comfortable, though, but you never know… some of my zaniest wedges turned out to be super comfy.

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