7 Dressy Flips Flops to Wear on a Date This Summer ...

First of all, I can assure you that the style "dressy flip flops" is not an oxymoron! You can be comfortable, dressy and cool on your dates this summer. In New York we are blessed with all four seasons and dressing for them can sometime seem near impossible. So wearing dressy flip flops has always been my go-to alternative when I don’t feel like strapping on those wedge sandals or peep-toe pumps. Summer brings a slew of wonderful and creative styles, so why not give dressy flip flops a fighting chance? You may be pleasantly surprised at the stylish and airy outcome!

1. Coach Sara Sandal

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While Coach is usually known to be a fairly expensive brand, this style from last season is on sale at most department stores and local retailers. People think there is no such thing as dressy flip flops, but here is one example to prove everyone wrong! Black and gold scream fancy, and while I wouldn’t necessarily wear these to a black tie gala, they are more than appropriate for your next fancy weekend dinner date this summer.

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