9 Fab DIY Shoe Tutorials ...


9 Fab DIY Shoe Tutorials ...
9 Fab DIY Shoe Tutorials ...

If you have one too many pairs of plain kicks, pump ‘em up with DIY shoe tutorials. From glitter heels to galaxy sneakers, these 9 how-to videos will take any shoe from drab to fab. Are you ready to get crafty?

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DIY Sparkle and Glitter Shoes

Your heels will shimmer and shine, courtesy of this glorious DIY glitter shoe tutorial. Who knew inexpensive materials and a quick video guide could transform your old black pumps into club-worthy sparklers?

DIY Spiked Heels

Yowza! Spikes have been everywhere this season; I know they’ve managed to pierce my heart. Now, you can create your own on the cheap. They’d look ultra sleek paired with an oxblood mini dress.

DIY Valentino-Inspired Lace Heels

Don’t have the cash to drop on a lacey pair of Valentinos? This DIY shoe tutorial is the next best thing. Say hello to your newest holiday staples!

DIY Crystal Heels

You’ll need lots of patience when attempting to recreate this DIY shoe tutorial, but if you love to pack on the bling, it’s so worth it. Equipped with these notice-me heels, you’ll be the star of any holiday party.

DIY Ombre Sneakers

I’ve never been a fan of the dip-dye hair trend, but even I’ll admit that the two-tone look is adorable on sneakers. And best of all, you can wear them anywhere (without breaking your school’s dress code).

DIY Metal Cap Toe Flats

Since cap toe shoes have been spotted everywhere this season, this DIY shoe tutorial will surely come in handy. Cap toes will make any pair of worn flats work-appropriate and perfectly on trend. Your boss will be impressed!

DIY Comic Book Flats

Just because you’re a proud geek doesn’t mean you can’t be très chic! With these kickass kicks, you’ll give any villain the boot!

DIY Black Studded Wedges

Hey, stud. Pay homage to one of the year’s hottest trends with this DIY wedge shoe tutorial. You’ll fall for these bad boys in no time.

DIY Galaxy Shoes

We may be earthlings, but that doesn’t have to stop us from having the galaxy at our feet (or on them!). With this celestial DIY shoe tutorial, you’ll soon create sneakers that are out of this world.

These are 9 of the most fabulous footwear tutorials on YouTube today. Which ones will you try? Do you have any of your own suggestions to add?

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Nine fab DIY shoe tutorials... from diy recyclingiscool (via Twitter)

The galaxy shoes are beautiful and the comic book shoes in the tutorial...WANT WANT WANT:0

Awesome post! Fun, fun, fun!

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