8 Fab Studded Shoes ...

You know how it goes girls, Louboutin starts playing with studs and suddenly everybody wants to do the same. Well, I can’t blame them! After all, having a variety of fab studded shoes to choose from is always a plus. But, let’s talk about real, affordable shoes now, shoes that don’t get sold out within just a couple of days and shoes that won’t totally break your bank. So, here’s 8 pairs of those real but equally fab studded shoes I like:

1. Park Lane Studded Flats

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Price: $44.83 at asos.com
Beads, studs and eyelets- what more do you need to make a bold glam rock statement this summer! It might be too hot for leather pants but throw in a pair of sexy skinny jeans or oh-so-popular vinyl leggings and you’ll be the life of the party and feel great in your comfy, flat and totally fab studded shoes all night long.

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