7 Fabulous Wedges for Summer 2012 ...

If you don’t have your wedges for summer 2012 yet, my darling, what are you waiting for? All of the designers have them ready to wear, and they look fantastic with everything from wide-leg jeans to flirty skirts and midi-dresses. Not sure which wedges to want? I can help. I’ve scoured the web and found these, 7 fabulous wedges for summer 2012. Where to start? How about here…?

1. Mulberry Patent Leather Wedge Sandals

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Price: $865.00 at net-a-porter.com
Try these lemon-zest patent leather wedges for summer 2012 with a floral-print top and a pair of natural linen shorts… so pretty! Or be daring and wear them with something pure white, with bright gold accessories to match the buckles at your ankles.

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