8 Gorgeous Wedge Sandals ...

From old school styles and classic, everlasting elegance to new, chunky often quite colorful ones – the working title of this season is “anything goes” and that means you can buy a brand new pair of some gorgeous wedge sandals or reuse the ones you already have. Now, I do have 8 gorgeous wedge sandals to share with you today, so do take a look, despite your efforts to lay off shopping for a while. After all, you know how they say, “Being on a diet doesn’t mean you have to give up staring in the pastry shop window”!

1. Nine West Braxton

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Price: $99.00 at zappos.com
Oh-la-la! Mommy needs a new pair of babies and these could definitely look good in my shoe closet and out of it! I even have a bag to match… two actually! What do you think? Aren’t they just great! In times like these I wish Zappos would open a branch in Europe although I doubt the prices would be as good as they are now. Stupid taxes and legal formalities!

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