8 Great and Charmingly Gorgeous Flat Boots for Winter ...

Flat Boots are a girl's best friend in the dead of winter! I'm all about heels, and believe you me I have plenty of boots with heels on them! But I've recently discovered the power of flat boots! Flat boots are ideal for comfort, warmth, and they still look cute! Most boots with heels are not very warm and you can't wear them all day or when you plan to be on your feet a lot. So these are the reasons I've turned to flat soled boots! Please continue reading if you'd love to try flat boots yourself, but have no clue where to start!

1. Faux Suede Slouchy Flat Ankle Boots

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Price: $36.95 at sears.com
Okay, I am absolutely thrilled to have found these flat boots! There are many reasons why I love them. They are comfortable, soft and super warm. I live in a very cold place where we see snow as early as September sometimes so warmth is very important. These boots look great with jeans or skirts!

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