Have the Best Dressed Feet in Summer 2018 with These Hot Styles ...

By Carly

Have the Best  Dressed Feet  in Summer  2018  with These  Hot Styles ...

With the season of summer fashion well and truly upon us, you will probably have already seen dozens of articles telling you exactly what kinds of garments, colours, patterns and shapes are in and out this year. So, you’ve got the clothing down, but what about another important element of summer fashion - the shoes? Without the right shoes, you might as well be wearing a trash bag as far as I’m concerned! Here are the shoe styles essential for summer 2018.

Table of contents:

  1. espadrilles
  2. sliders
  3. mules
  4. platform sandals
  5. birkenstocks
  6. dad sneakers
  7. gladiators
  8. retro sneakers
  9. pvc
  10. western boots

1 Espadrilles

footwear, shoe, sandal, leg, high heeled footwear,@castaner_santander

The signature woven sole of an espadrille provides that kind of shabby chic vibe that is always so trendy during the summer.

2 Sliders

red, flooring, shoe, square,@where_she_wears

Adidas sliders are still very much on trend this summer. They are the perfect combination of style and fashion. A classic case of a leisure wear breaking through to the mainstream.

3 Mules

footwear, shoe, product, product, font,@luxurytopseller

Flat mules in particular are going to be big this summer. There are heeled varieties out there to choose from, but the casual nature of daytime in the sunshine definitely calls for flat mules that can get you from place to place.

4 Platform Sandals

footwear, shoe, sandal, outdoor shoe, product,@allunik.shop

Platform sandals are the perfect shoe to give you that casual vibe with just a touch of added fashion. The perfect way to add a little height and be more statuesque in the sun!

5 Birkenstocks

footwear, shoe, toe, leg, foot,@birkenstock_gr

They have their fair share of critics, but the truth is that Birkenstocks are a footwear staple! They provide you with all the comfort you need, and all you need to do is make sure that your outfit compliments them!

6 Dad Sneakers

footwear, shoe, sneakers, sandal, leg,@vendemmiafashion

The dad sneaker style of shoe is back in! You don’t want Yeezys this summer, you want a pair that look so retro they could have been featured in a RUN DMC music video back in the day!

7 Gladiators

footwear, leg, human leg, thigh, joint,@preheels

Strappy gladiators provide all of the boho chic that you are looking for this summer. They are perfect with a jeans hot pant, the intricate strapping almost a fashion accessory in itself.

8 Retro Sneakers

leg, shoe, fashion model, trunk, waist,@eurosko

You don’t have to break the bank for these. Just go right into the back of your closet where your old shoes are, and grab the oldest pair of sneakers that you used to rock back in your high school days!


footwear, high heeled footwear, shoe, leg, human leg,@gotthelook_stores

There is big trend towards PVC in this summer’s shoe wear, especially the clear variety. You look like you have legs for days when you wear clear PVC panelled shoes.

10 Western Boots

footwear, leg, shoe, human leg, thigh,@countryoutfitter

They’re an oldie but still a goodie! Nothing screams summer fun quite like a great pair of cowboy boots. Perfect for music festivals and outdoor parties the entire season long.

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