Here's Why Red Sandals Are a Summer Must Have for Your Closet ...

By Eliza

You can't deny the sexiness of wearing red! When you finish off an outfit with a fabulous pair of red shoes, you can head out into the world looking and feeling good. After all, research says that the color red is a powerful one. So go ahead and make this summer one to remember with a pair of these red sandals.

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1 Bright Espadrilles

Bright Espadrilles

2 French Connection Red Harper Sandals

French Connection Red Harper Sandals

3 Red Wedge Heel Sandals

Red Wedge Heel Sandals

4 Old Navy Crisscross Sandal

Old Navy Crisscross Sandal

5 Red Sequoia Sandal

Red Sequoia Sandal

6 Red Lynda Sandal

Red Lynda Sandal

7 Havaianas Flip Flops

Havaianas Flip Flops

12 Red T-strap Sandal

Red T-strap Sandal

21 Tassel T-strap

Which pair are you dying to have? What are you planning to wear them with?

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The ones in the cover photo were so cute!!!

Some of these are really pretty!

Omg number 3!!

Quite a few are over priced... What abt the ones in the cover photo too cute

But why are soooo many of them flat? : ( just scraps of materials that look like one snip could destroy the whole thing. Sigh. :(

I like the one's in the cover photo!!! Why aren't they listed???


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