7 Hottest White Shoes πŸ‘Ÿ It's Okay to Wear Now πŸ“† ...

My grandmother would be aghast at this suggestion, but there are plenty of white shoes it's totally okay to wear right now, even though it's β€” gasp! β€” well past Labor Day. They're classic, they're cool, they're on-trend... let's hear it for white shoes, and let's wear them all winter long.

1. Charlotte Olympia Delphine

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Price: $890 at zappos.com
These peep-toe, taller-than-five-inch platform stilettos are just the sweetest, ideal for Valentine's Day, date night, or really, any high-heel worthy event. That heart detail on the toe, though. I'd better start saving my pennies... swoon!

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