All the Knowledge You Need on How to Avoid Fake Athletic Shoes ...

By Sue

All the Knowledge You Need on How to Avoid Fake Athletic Shoes ...

Wondering how to avoid fake athletic shoes? If a friend or a member of your family has encouraged you to buy a certain brand of athletic shoe, you do not want to spend your money on a knockoff. Learn how you can limit the chances that you might make such a mistake. Here's how to avoid fake athletic shoes.

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Take the Time to Investigate

Spend time studying the real thing. Visit some legitimate shoe stores or some department stores. This is truly the best step in learning how to avoid fake athletic shoes.


Check for Clues

Some counterfeiters leave a clue or two. Note the color of the stitching, logo or packaging. Does it seem a bit off? If so, it could be a clue that what you are looking at is a fake.


Go Online and Look for Possible Feedback That Was Directed at the Seller

Read online reviews to see if the seller has been mentioned in any reviews. Do not ignore what can be found in forums. Some of them list the sellers that offer counterfeit merchandise.


What Payment Methods Are Accepted?

A seller of fake products often refuses to let customers pay with a credit card.


Do Not Be Tricked by Posted Photos

If you are thinking about buying a pair from a website, do not trust the posted photograph. Ask to be sent a picture of the product you want, one that has been taken with a cell phone. Some online retailers post pictures of the real deal and then send the customer a fake product.

Famous Quotes

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What Range of Sizes Has Been Made Available to Shoppers?

Certain features indicate that the range of sizes should be limited. Proceed with care, if a seller claims to have a full range of sizes for former samples of for a discontinued style.


Resist These Temptations

Do not feel tempted by the offer of a “variant” or of mention that the offered shoes are “customs.”

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