Perfect Ways on How to Keep Your White Sneakers Clean ...


Perfect Ways on How to Keep Your White Sneakers Clean ...
Perfect Ways on How to Keep Your White Sneakers Clean ...

Want to know how to keep your white sneakers clean? It is an undeniable fact that in the world of footwear, a classic white sneaker is something that is never, ever going to go out of fashion! Different trends will come and go, but you are always going to need to save space in your closet for white sneakers because they have already proven that they can stand the test of time in terms of style! However, something that is equally as undeniable is the fact that, to put it bluntly, white sneakers can be a real bitch to maintain! Any small scuff or dirt mark and the look goes from killer to killed in an instant. Don’t worry though, here are some great suggestions for how to keep your white sneakers clean.

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Be Prepared on the Go

There is no point in leaving the house with spotless kicks and then not having something in your pocket or your bag to rectify any unsightly marks that might appear. The best fix for small marks is simple wet wipes, they really do the trick and are easy to carry. Obviously, this doesn’t work so well for canvas sneakers, but it’s the perfect solution for harder, more leather-like surfaces. Being prepared is one of the best answers for how to keep your white sneakers clean.


Clean Every Day

It is much easier to maintain the cleanliness of your white sneakers if you commit to giving them a good wipe down after every wear rather than waiting for them to build up too much dirt. On a day to day basis you will only have to deal with small curb scuffs and minimal mud and dirt, so cleaning that off at the end of the day will always leave your sneakers looking brand new.


Deep Clean

Even if you use wet wipes on them every single day, it is always good to give your sneakers a deep clean once in a while. This involves taking the laces out, washing them separately and then getting into places like the eyelets that you don’t usually reach during your quicker daily cleans. Get into the tongue and all of the crevices too. You should probably aim to do a deep clean like this once every two weeks or more frequently depending on the type of activities you usually get up to!


Proper Storage

You’ve spent all that money on good quality sneakers, so you should also be storing them in a proper manner! Keep the original boxes if you can, and always store your shoes inside them rather out and about in the dust. Stuffing the boxes with crepe paper will also help to prevent the sneakers from creasing, especially if you are not planning on bringing them back out to wear for a little while.


Avoid Household Products

When desperate, many people have been known to grab household cleaners and fluids to clean their sneakers, but a lot of these branded products are going to be way too harsh for the fabric and will cause damage over time. If you need to whip up a home remedy, then stick to warm water, some mild dish soap and a little dash of a proprietary stain remover like OxiClean!

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The best way to keep them brilliantly white is to use the liquid white shoe polish on them. ;-)

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