How to Survive when Your Heel Breaks for Girls Who've Been There before ...


How to Survive when Your Heel Breaks for Girls Who've Been There before ...
How to Survive when Your Heel Breaks for Girls Who've Been There before ...

I think that it’s every woman’s biggest fear every time she puts on a pair of heels that they’re going to break. We all have that moment of panic that flashes through our minds when we’re in a pair of heels that don’t necessarily feel sturdy. If you constantly find yourself afraid of this, or it’s happened to you before and you didn’t know how to handle it, never fear! I have got you covered with tips and tricks to make your life so much easier the next time this happens!

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Take the Weight off of Your Heel

If your heel feels like it’s about to break, make sure to take the weight off of your heel to try to make it last as long as possible. Try to sit if you can, and if you need to walk, make sure that you walk on the ball of your feet rather than keeping all of your weight on the heel of your shoe.


Reach for Something Sturdy

You don’t want to fall and hurt yourself! If you’re feeling like your heel might snap, make sure that you’re standing next to something sturdy so that if your heel does decide to go down, it will break discretely and you won’t make a huge spectacle. Plus, if you can avoid as much as embarrassment as possible, why wouldn’t you?


Look for a Quick Fix

Maybe it’s something that you can fix quickly! Take a look at your shoe and see if there’s anything you can do to snap the heel back in place, so that at the very least, you can say bye to the host or your friends and leave without too much embarrassment.


Keep Crazy Glue in Your Bag if Things Feel Wobbly

Before you leave the house for a night on the town in your heels, see if they feel secure or not. If they feel even slightly wobbly, grab a tube of crazy glue. Even if they don’t, it’s probably best to keep a tube of crazy glue in your purse at all times, but make sure it’s in a plastic bag to avoid it spilling all over your purse!


Keep a Pair of Flats Handy at All Times

They have so many different little hacks for women who love the look of heels but can’t stand the pain. If you’re prone to broken heels, keep one of those little compact bags of flats in your purse with you. Sure, it may require you to bring a slightly larger purse, but isn’t it worth it when your heel breaks?


Remove the Shoes

Don’t try to hobble around in shoes that are completely uneven. Just remove them completely if you have no other options. You’ll spare yourself a possible injury, and people won’t notice nearly as much as they would if you were walking around in uneven heels.


Continuing on bravely sans footwear may come across as a fierce fashion statement of its own. When you take control of the situation, you exude confidence and resilience—skills that are far more attractive than any pair of stilettos. So, walk with your head high and a smile. Barefoot can be a look if you own it, plus it may give your feet a well-deserved break. Remember, safety and poise are your top priorities; never let a broken heel take that away from you.


Ask around

You’d be surprised what women keep in their purses. Ask your friends if they have glue or compact flats handy in their purses if you don’t. Also, if you’re at a friend’s house for a party, ask if she has any crazy glue you can borrow! The night will be saved!

Has a broken heel ever happened to you? What did you do? What do you wish you had done differently? Let me know in the comments!

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If your shoe is wobbly before you go out you should fix it right then and there with the glue not wait until it actually snaps

It must be some bad heels hehe

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