Is Your Perfect Shoe on This List? Here Are the 13 Best New Workout Shoes for 2015 ...

Whether you're gearing up for your first marathon or you're a muddy trail-running goddess, there's a new shoe designed for you and all you do. After spending an hour at my local sporting goods store and running shop, trying on and coveting the newest models and old stand-bys, here are my picks for the best new workout shoes for 2015. Let's go!

1. New Balance Fresh Foam Zante

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See how the toe is slightly turned up? That might help you go a little faster, no matter what distance you're running. And these shoes are shockingly light, which will make you feel even faster, too. This neutral shoe comes in five color combinations (including black and white, a rarity in women's running shoes) and were named Competitor Magazine’s β€œ2015 Road Shoe of the Year.”

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