9 Jaw-Dropping Louboutin Shoes ...

By Jelena

9 Jaw-Dropping Louboutin Shoes ...

Ah, those jaw-dropping Louboutin shoes! I want them and I want them all! The ones who find this designer and his creations interesting know that his vision was to create shoes that look like jewels. Well, if you ask me, he’s been doing one hell of a job at it! Don’t believe me? Well, feast your eyes on these amazing, fabulous, terribly expensive and proportionally jaw-dropping Louboutin shoes right here:

1 Zipito 120 Suede Peep Toes

Zipito 120 Suede Peep Toes Price: $995.00 at net-a-porter.com
Stylish, sexy and totally fab – these lovely Louboutin ladies could sure be my BFFs! Just check out that gorgeous heel, that perfect line and the way the shiny metal hardware stands out on that gorgeous, soft black leather. This is art, I tell you – ART!

2 Beauty 100 Leather Pumps

Beauty 100 Leather Pumps Price: $695.00 at net-a-porter.com
These jaw-dropping Louboutin shoes are indeed the epitome of beauty so it is only fair for them to be named that way! So stylish, so elegant, so ladylike – fit for a queen… or a new princess, perhaps. What do you think? Would Prince William’s bride find them worthy of adorning her royal feet?

3 Sexy Strass 100 Swarovski Crystal Peep Toe Pumps

Sexy Strass 100 Swarovski Crystal Peep Toe Pumps Price: $3,295.00 at net-a-porter.com
Well, here’s to that “shoes like jewels” policy, Mr. Louboutin! I’ll drink to that any day and I’d even drink to that every day but that would definitely turn me into a fanatic… or an alcoholic, whichever comes first. I’m in love with this sparkly example of gorgeousness and, oh, just think about how amazing they would look when worn as wedding shoes! Like glass slippers!

4 Brandaplato 140 Leather and Mesh Sandals

Brandaplato 140 Leather and Mesh Sandals Price: $1,125.00 at net-a-porter.com
These interesting, strappy red soles might not be the ideal footwear for long walks but they will definitely make you shine and both look and feel like million bucks. I’m not really a fan of mesh shoes because I think it looks a bit cheap but, when it comes to Louboutin, nothing is or looks cheap.

5 Pigalle 120 Patent Pumps

Pigalle 120 Patent Pumps Price: $595.00 at net-a-porter.com
Quite budget-friendly, at least considering other red soles, Pigalle is definitely the model to go for if you’re a fan of pointy shoes and that polished, classy I’m-so-rich-I-don’t-need-the-bling-to-show-it look. Yup, they will be your favorite pair of black tie gear for those posh cocktail parties or even high-profile job interviews on which you need to show that you’re not only smart and experienced but able to represent the company in the best way.

6 Balota 120 Glittery Multistrap Sandals

Price: $1,095.00 at net-a-porter.com
Another pair of jaw-dropping Louboutin shoes to lust after! Sandals, actually, and, if we’re going to go into all tiny details, let me just point out how breathtaking they are. I’ve already wrote about one pair of red soles I’m considering to wear for my wedding and this is the second one I’m thinking about. They are a sort of a plan B, just in case the model I’m drooling after sells out by the time I get to enjoy my celebrity shopping moment.

7 Exclu 140 Lace and Satin Slingbacks

Exclu 140 Lace and Satin Slingbacks Price: $795.00 at net-a-porter.com
If I’m not mistakeng, this model is available in nude too, so in case black lace is not your cup of tea, I suggest you check Barneys or Louboutin’s official online shop. I, personally, prefer these black ones as they look sexy in that Burlesque kind of way and that’s definitely one definition of sexy that I love.

8 Clou Noeud Spikes

Price: $1,195.00 at barneys.com
Last but not the least- a shoe that any celebrity that still means something wore at least once and one of my favorite models. These jaw-dropping Louboutin shoes were, in fact, so popular that their nude variation ended up on the sold out list quite some time ago. So, in case you’re not digging the edgy black, I guess you’ll have to turn to eBay to find the nude ones.

So, tell me, my stylish ladies- which pair these gorgeous jaw-dropping Louboutin shoes is your favorite one? You don’t have to pick just one, of course, as I know how hard that is. In fact, if somebody told me right now, “you have 10 seconds to pick a pair you like and if you manage to do it you’ll get that pair”, I’d probably fail miserably!

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I love the 2nd pair with the adorable bow! :) Great picks!

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