7 Must-Have Jeffrey Campbell Shoes That Every Shoe Lover Will Love ...

Jeffrey Campbell shoes are more than just an accessory: they are a statement all their own. Jeffrey Campbell takes the heart of street style and mixes it with the glitz and glam of the runway to create unique and fun designs. While I believe every pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes are a must-have, here are my 7 favorites!

1. Lita Spike CMYK

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The Lita, named after Lita Ford of The Runaways, is Jeffrey Campbell’s most recognizable style, making it my number one must-have! While you can find the Litas in rainbow, glitter, prints, patterns, and distressed styles, the studded Litas are by far my favorite. Nothing screams β€˜rocker chic’ more than the Lita Spike! These are iconic Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

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