7 Pretty Pumps for Hot Summer Days ...

When it comes to footwear, nothing is more feminine (or more practical) than a pair of pretty pumps - although what we in Britain call pumps, you may refer to as flats. Great for shopping, work or a day at the park, there are some really pretty colored and patterned pumps around for spring/summer 2014 that will look gorgeous with all your favorite summer dresses (they also look great with skinny jeans)! Check out your local stores and online for some real bargains, as you will often find that pretty pumps are some of the most inexpensive shoes, which means you can afford to splurge on lots of different styles! Here are just 7 of my favorites...

1. Office Les Ballet Shoes

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These cute as a button pretty pumps from Office come in jade green suede. They are perfect with tanned pins and your favorite skirt during the summer months. I love them!

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