7 Quick Ways to Get Rid of Shoe Odors when Your Shoes Smell ...

By Laura

Trying to get rid of shoe odors is sort of embarrassing, but it’s a problem many of us face. Feet are naturally disgusting. Even when we stay super-hygienic, they have a tendency to show us up with their scent. Trying to get rid of shoe odors should include preventative actions, as well as responses to those embarrassing stenches!

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Don’t Let Them Stay Wet

Once, for whatever reason, I decided to take a short-cut home from school across a modestly sized river. In all my teenage glory, I just decided to leave my shoes to drip dry. Big mistake. One of the simplest ways to get rid of shoe odors is to not let them hang around soaking wet. Otherwise, you’ll end up smelling like a damp dog.


Use Foot Spray

My feet suck. I have my father to thank for that. Sadly, this means I sometimes have to take preventative measures to prevent them from acting as human repellents. This means using foot deodorizers. They’re not expensive, and if they save you from having to keep your shoes on every time you step inside someone’s house they are worth every penny!


Baking Soda

Sometimes those tricks that seem to stretch back into the depths of housewife history are the best. Adding a sachet of baking soda to shoes can absorb odors overnight. Don’t have a sachet? No problem. Apparently, shoving some of this stuff inside a sock and putting said sock into your shoes will do the trick.


Replace the Insoles

Most of the sweat from your feet that causes those odors is going to absorb into the insoles. If you have sneakers or casual flats, you can replace the insoles yourself. However, if we are talking about your favorite pump heels here, you might want to treat them with the respect they deserve. Take them to a professional who can do it for you, you will be glad you did in the end.


Use Fabric Softener Sheets

If you KNOW a pair of shoes is heading in the wrong direction odor wise, then place fabric softener sheets in them between each use. I don’t know how this works exactly, and I doubt anybody has the time to find out. However, I suspect it is a mixture of odor absorption and laying down lovely scents. With that in mind, choose some that smell seriously amazing.

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Rubbing Alcohol and Cotton Wool

Sadly, bacteria can play a bit of a nasty role in bad foot odors for some people. If this is the case for you, you will notice that a lot of other odor removal methods do not work. That means you need to break out the rubbing alcohol and cotton wool. Soak a cotton wool ball in some rubbing alcohol, squeeze it until the ball is just about damp, and rub it around your shoes. Apparently this will kill the bacteria and remove the smells.


Recognize Pantyhose as the Enemy

I love pantyhose (or tights, as we like to call them here in the UK) for many reasons. I am clumsy when exercising, so dark ones mask awkward bruises. They also seem to give me a nicer shape. But, there are downsides to everything in life, and that includes my darling pantyhose. They can make your feet sweat. Gross, right? If it is too hot out for pantyhose, ditch them in favor of leggings or trousers.

Getting rid of foot odors will stop you being a social pariah and return you to the brinks of humanity. Even better, your shoes will last longer. Just imagine, no more grimacing when a date reminds you that shoes are not allowed in their house. Is this a problem for you? Then do share your odor battling tips!

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