Understand How Buying Cheap Shoes is Actually a False Economy ...


Do you realise that buying cheap shoes is a false economy? When you're on a budget or love a bargain, it's tempting to buy cheaper shoes. But this may be a bad idea for your feet, and may not work out any cheaper in the long run. It can make more sense to buy a better pair of shoes, as these will last longer than a cheap pair that wear out in a few months. Here are some reasons why buying cheap shoes is a false economy …

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One reason why buying cheap shoes is a false economy is that they tend to be less comfortable. The health of your feet is important, and cramming them into ill-fitting, unsupportive shoes can give you long-term foot problems. At the very least, the soles are probably too thin to be comfortable, especially if you walk any distance in them.



Cheap shoes are made of cheap, man-made materials that will not flex with your feet or allow them to breathe. Leather shoes are much better for your feet, or there are better-quality alternatives to leather. But by wearing cheap shoes, you risk damaging your feet with problems like bunions. Is it worth economising on the health and comfort of your feet?


Wear out Quickly

Cheap shoes are cheap for a reason, and won't last more than a few months if you wear them a lot. So you end up replacing them frequently, and probably spending just as much over the long term as you would on a more expensive pair. It's better to spend your money on one good pair than on several cheap pairs that end up in the bin after a few months.


Non Eco Friendly

Are you concerned about the effect on the environment of fast fashion? Shoes are as much a part of this issue, and buying cheap shoes that you have to bin after a few wears is not eco-friendly. If they end up being thrown away after relatively little use, you're contributing to the landfill problem.


Good Shoes Last

Buy a better-quality pair of shoes, and you'll find that they last a lot longer than a cheap pair. It's worth saving up and waiting until you can afford a decent pair, rather than 'making do' with a cheaper pair. Look after your shoes by cleaning them regularly and having them re-heeled to extend their life.


Quality, Not Quantity

It's fine having lots of pairs of shoes if you can afford them, but if your budget is limited it would be better to channel your funds into a couple of good pairs that you will wear frequently. These will be better value in the long run.


Look Cheap

You get what you pay for with shoes, as with many other things. Cheap shoes will look exactly that, and they'll make your outfit look unfinished or cheap as well. They'll scuff easily and the finish won't be good. If you wouldn't wear cheap clothes, why wear cheap footwear?

You might reason that you're saving money by spending less on your footwear, but this is one area where it can be a false economy to spend less. It could even harm your feet. What is the least and the most you would spend on a pair of shoes?

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Yes but when you have your very own walk in wordrobe just for your shoes who will notice one or two cheap pairs snuck in there hehe

Cheap shoes are "throw away" fashion and terrible for your feet. Love this article. I'm with you Syaa.

Totally agree. I hope those asshole who like to comment on my shoes selection read this. 😆

I totally agree. When it comes to shoes, it's always smart to invest in a good pair.

I still like Payless.

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