7 Reasons Not to Wear High Heels ...


7 Reasons Not to Wear High Heels ...
7 Reasons Not to Wear High Heels ...

There are some very sound reasons not to wear high heels, or at least to limit the amount of time you have them on. Sure, they look good, and many women love wearing them. However, it does your feet no good to force them into 4 or 5 inch heels all the time; if you do, you'll pay for it later. Here are some smart reasons not to wear high heels …

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One of the most sensible reasons not to wear high heels is if you are going to be walking more than a short distance. Have you ever had to walk home when you've missed the bus? Walking is just not comfortable if you have heels on! So avoid blisters and sore feet by putting on flats or low heels. Your feet will thank you …



How many times have you almost tripped over in heels, or got your stiletto stuck in a grating? Lots of women have suffered quite serious injuries while wearing high heels. So take care of yourself and avoid wearing heels in situations that could prove hazardous. Be especially careful if your job requires you to be on your feet a lot.



Have you ever tried driving in high heels? It's just not practical, and can potentially affect your ability to drive. If you are driving to a special event and want to wear heels, keep a pair of flats in the car. That way, you can drive safely and still look good when you want to.



While nobody wants to be paranoid, we all need to look out for our own safety. If you find yourself in a risky situation, you may need to make a quick exit. Running in heels really isn't an option, so as with driving, it may be safer to swap to flats when heading home after a night out.



Sure, high heels are gorgeous, and can make your legs look stunning. Is it really worth damaging your foot health for the sake of fashion though? We don't give much consideration to the fact that our feet have to work hard, and tend to take them for granted. Spending more time in flats or low heels can avoid all sorts of problems such as corns and bunions (no, those aren't just old lady problems!).



Those of us who are somewhat vertically challenged may think that heels make us look taller. We are, unfortunately, just kidding ourselves! Five inch heels are not going to add height, they will just make you look like a small girl playing dress-up in her mom's shoes. So get used to your lack of height, because it isn't going to change.



Celebrities are usually seen in skyscraper heels. That's because it's their job to look good and promote fashion. However, fashion is not generally practical for the lives of we "ordinary" women. Wear the shoes that you like, not what you're told by the fashion "experts" that you should be wearing.

There's no reason (unless you have a foot injury) that you can't wear high heels on occasions. They're pretty, sexy and make you feel good. However, for all the reasons listed above, high heels are really not suitable for frequent wear. Save them for special occasions instead, and look after your feet. Have you ever suffered an injury because of your high heels?

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I really liked this article because overtime, constant heel wear can and will cause serious feet problems. My grandma had to get surgery after wearing heels to work for 35 years. Plus I am so tired of the stereotype that all women are obsessed with heels and shoes in general.

@fran linner, just as the author has the right to state their opinion, the reader does too.

I think flat shoes is healthy

I'll never stop wearing heels,I flat out adore a gorgeous strappy heel,makes me feel powerful and sexy as heck not to mention they give outfit an instant boost

Ps- you should only wear heels if you can actually walk in them! Nothing's worse than a girl staggering around in high heels like a newborn calf because she can't walk in them!

I like wedges on occasions but I wear mostly flip flops. I'm 5'2 and fiancé is 5'10 but he likes my size :)

Great! And yes some short girls who do wear super high heels do look like kids playing dress up

I am 5'2" and I love my high heels. I love the Boost and the way they make my legs look

I'm 5'11 so I don't do heels! I'm terribly uncoordinated and am just asking for an accident if I take both feet off the safety of flat ground! Plus I would look like a drag queen in heels!

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