7 Reasons You Don't Need so Many Shoes ...

If your closet is crammed with shoes you hardly ever wear, then it's time to be aware of the reasons you don't need so many shoes. Most of us have clothes that rarely see the light of day, and shoes that we've rarely - or never - worn. And it can get out of hand. So if your shoe collection rivals that of Imelda Marcos, it's time to listen to the reasons you don't need so many shoes …

1. You Don't Wear Them

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One of the reasons you don't need so many shoes is if you don't actually wear most of them. We don't actually need that many pairs; if you live in a cold climate you don't need dozens of pairs of sandals, and however cute those boots are, you won't get much wear out of them in California. Only buy shoes you know for sure you will wear.

2. Take up Space

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Shoes can take up quite a lot of storage space. You can't fold them or store them in vacuum bags! There are storage solutions for footwear but why use valuable space for something you hardly ever use? Cut down your shoe collection, and you can use the space much more wisely.

3. More Disposable Income

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Shoes aren't cheap, and if you have a serious shoe-buying habit you could be spending a lot of your hard-earned cash. Stop buying so many shoes, and you'll have a lot more disposable income. Even one pair a month could really add up. So before buying shoes, ask yourself if you need them, if you can really afford them and if you're going to wear them.

4. Better Quality

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You may think that spending $200 on a pair of shoes is too expensive, yet would happily spend the same amount if it paid for several pairs. Often it's better to buy one, more expensive item of quality rather than several cheaper ones. Pricier items will last longer, and more expensive footwear will be more comfortable.

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Have you ever bought shoes because you loved them so much, even though they weren't your size? This is a particular problem with sales; we buy something because it's a 'bargain', even though it doesn't actually fit properly. But since you can't alter shoes, you won't wear them because they're not comfortable. If the right size isn't available, don't buy those shoes. Your feet will thank you!

6. Same Style

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Do you often buy another pair of black pants, even though you already own several? The same thing can happen with shoes. You see a gorgeous pair of heels in a store and succumb to them, only to remember when you get home that you have half a dozen similar pairs. There's usually very little point in buying the same style of shoes that you already have.

7. Save Money

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Finally, good shoes are expensive, and cheap shoes are a waste of money. So if you avoid buying too many shoes, you'll save your cash. Add up how much you've spent on shoes in the last year and you could be quite shocked at the total …

It's always fun to have a pair of frivolous shoes, but don't waste your money on buying lots of pairs that you never wear. Are you a shoe-aholic? How many pairs do you own?

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