7 Sexy Pairs of Sandals from Zappos ...

One of the reasons I’m so excited about warmer weather is because I want to give my feet some freedom. Honestly, for the first eighteen years of my life, I ran around mostly barefoot. I’m not trying to perpetuate some Southern stereotype about how the weather’s always warm, because we had crazy winters. Still, whenever it was nice enough or I could get away with it, I went barefoot. At school and during my day to day life, sandals were my saving grace – and they still are. Wearing sandals is the closest you can get to letting your feet go naked. Still, I know you can’t live in flip flops, but that’s all right, because these sexy pairs of sandals from Zappos will still give you lots of ventilation.

1. Not Rated Party Girl Platforms

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Price: $31.96 at zappos.com
I’m not always a huge fan of wedges, but sometimes I run across a pair I really like. I’m surprised I don’t like them more, because I’m generally in favor of shoes that make me look taller but still provide plenty of support so I don’t completely lose my balance. These would definitely do it, mainly because I think the resulting arch would be gorgeous.

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