7 Shoe Trends for Spring 2013 ...

Spring is here, which means we need to freshen up our shoe trends for spring 2013! Some trends are back from last year, while others are brand new. It just depends on you and your own personal style to decide which of these spring 2013 trends you are going to adopt. So let's take a look at 7 shoe trends for spring 2013!

1. Floral Pattern

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Floral patterns are usually always a hot trend when it comes to spring time. However, this year floral patterns have been moved from your outfits to your shoes! The floral pattern makes everything from pumps to combat boots look so much more girly and funky! Try wearing floral pumps with a solid colored dress for a perfect spring look! Personally, this is definitely one of the shoe trends for spring 2013 that is my favorite!

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